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Our Story

What is now known as Concrete Block Insulating Systems Inc. first started out as Korfil back in 1975. David Nickerson founded Korfil after filing for and obtaining a patent on “U-shaped” insulation inserts manufactured from Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) for concrete masonry units. Korfil quickly became the choice for insulating the walls of masonry units throughout the United States and Canada.  After outsourcing the manufacturing of these different size inserts for 5 years, a manufacturing company was formed in order for Korfil inserts to be manufactured in-house.  In 1980 Energy Performance Systems Inc. was formed and began manufacturing in Northbridge, Ma. until 1983 when it moved it’s molding machinery to it’s current 52,000 square foot location in West Brookfield, MA.


In 1989 Energy Performance Systems changed it’s name to Concrete Block Insulating Systems Inc., also known as CBIS Inc. or CBIS Korfil. Dave Nickerson felt that keeping the name “Korfil” in the marketplace was important as it was the most recognized insulation insert on the market. In 1999 CBIS began manufacturing other construction related products as well as packaging for the seafood, Bio-Medical, Housewares, Electronics and Renewable Energy industries. CBIS manufacturers to the highest quality standards while continually seeking environmentally conscious methods of manufacturing at it’s West Brookfield facility. 


CBIS remains the largest manufacturer of insulation inserts in North America to date. CBIS is a Veteran and Family owned business that provides a variety of custom molded EPS products focusing on superior quality, impressive customer service and a knowledgeable and dedicated staff of employees.

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