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Potosi State Correctional Facility, Mineral Point, Missouri

CBIS/Korfil Hi-R Wall System saved more than 20% in labor costs compared to traditional double-wythe walls

Designed by Pierce Corporation, St. Louis, MO

Chosen for economy, security and long-term energy efficiency

HI-R Insert and block.jpg

The State of Missouri selected the Korfil Hi-R Block, designed by CBIS, Inc., when it needed a single-wythe wall system combining economy, security and long-term energy efficiency for this $56 million design/build prison to house 500 maximum security inmates.

C/M NEWS, published by the National Concrete Masonry Association, reported that David Owen, of Hedrick Concrete Products Corp., Sikeston, Missouri, estimated that the CBIS/Korfil Hi-R Wall System saved more than 20 percent in labor costs in comparison with the double-wythe walls that had traditionally been used in high-security construction. In addition, he said, the R-12 thermal resistance value built into the Hi-R Wall insures low energy costs, which makes more manageable the State of Missouri's operating costs.

Meanwhile, Ken Miller, of Pierce Corp., St. Louis, the project's architect, said, "We were intrigued by the Hi-R Block because of the integral insulation. We knew integral color was a possibility as were different faces. And there was plenty of room for reinforcing these block."

In combination with the single-wythe construction and the capacity for integral waterproofing, the advantages of the Hi-R Block proved impressive, C/M NEWS reported. The publication noted that "Masons like the fact that the Hi-R Block is insulated when it comes from the plant and that it is easy to handle and reinforce." 

The Potosi Correctional Facility, which was one of the largest building projects in the Midwest during the 1980's, resulted from a then unusual privatization effort in which private enterprise owns or operates a public service. The CBIS/Korfil Hi-R Wall System fit well in the value engineering approach, which produces economical, top-quality solutions to design requirements. In fact, the Potosi design and construction team delivered the facility under budget and in a way that saves Missouri money on future maintenance costs.

Mr. Owen, of Hedrick Concrete Products Corp., was so pleased with the CBIS/Korfil Hi-R Wall System that he used it in building his own home. "I'm excited by the product," he said. "It competes with metal buildings in in-wall cost, with fire resistance, energy efficiency, and sound resistance. I wouldn't be surprised if in five years Hi-R corners the block market."

C/M NEWS concluded, "Obviously, a system with this much flexibility--from high-security penitentiaries to new homes has a future worth watching."

Architect: Pierce Corporation, St. Louis, MO

Structural Engineer: Colton/Lester Corporation, Chesterfield, MO General

Contractor: CDC, St. Louis, MO

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