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CBIS Inc. is excited to soon be introducing to the Insulated Concrete Masonry market a new Insulation Insert and modified CMU to enhance thermal values compared to other Insulation Inserts.

The new product is called R-Plus and is a patented and proven method of meeting codes in climate zones that may not already comply compared to our line of Korfil and Icon Insulation Inserts.

Additional information will be available shortly

Korfil Insert and block.jpg

Korfil® Block Insulation

KORFIL Inserts are individually molded of expandable polystyrene and designed to fit standard two (2) core masonry units of 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch widths for use in both single wythe and cavity wall construction. Inserts are preinstalled at the block plant prior to delivery on the job site.

Icon insert and block.jpg

ICON® Universal Inserts

ICON Inserts are molded from expandable polystyrene. The design of the insert allows it to compress so it will fit the cores of all masonry units with just one size. Inserts are placed in the cores of the block at the block plant. By placing inserts in blocks, there is a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of masonry walls.

HI-R Insert and block.jpg

Korfil Hi-R® Masonry Wall System

The Hi-R Wall System is a specially designed concrete masonry unit and individually molded insulation insert. The block and the insulation are combined at the block manufacturing plant prior to delivery to the job site. The assembly provides a wall system capable of achieving higher thermal R-values than conventional masonry, with no effect on the structural integrity of masonry construction.

HI-R-H Insert and block.jpg

HI-R-H Energy Efficient Wall System

HI-R-H are pre-insulated fully grouted masonry wall systems that offer superior thermal performance. Double exposed single wythe masonry walls with durable architectural finishes for conditioned spaces in all Climate Zones. Hi-R-H half-high units are also available.

More information:

Korfil and ICON Products:

  • Inserts remain in place where grouting and reinforcement occurs giving advantage over competition

  • Eliminate the need for on-site labor to insulate masonry walls.

  • Do not deteriorate in insulation R-value with moisture or aging.

  • Allow space within the cores for the escape of moisture. This space also allows for easy installation of utilities within the wall.

  • Can be handled by masons just as easily as uninsulated blocks.

  • Are cost-competitive when compared to the various other methods used to insulate concrete blocks.

  • Have no effect on the fire rating of conventional concrete block walls.

  • Improve both the dew point and sound transmission resistance of ordinary concrete blocks.


Hi-R/Hi-R-H Products:

  • Inserts remain in place where grouting and reinforcement occurs giving advantage over competition

  • Provides guaranteed consistent insulation value

  • Permits excess moisture to escape

  • Allows easy installation of pipes, conduits, etc.

  • Improves dewpoint

  • Improves sound resistance

  • Eliminates concern of shrinkage, toxic fumes or odors

  • Improves the ability of blocks to resist wind-driven rain

  • Can be used above or below grade

  • Work by other trades is performed with little danger of damage to insulation

  • The block itself can be used as a bond beam

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