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No. File Name
#100 General
101 Korfil Insert Brochure
102 What To Consider When Specifying Insulation
103 BOCA Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Scrap Letter
104 Product Description Jan 1 2014
105 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on our Products
106 Installed Ungrouted Cost Per Sq. Ft. For Various Materials
107 EPS Facts and the Environment
108 Block Core Size Sheet
109 Construction Canada: Insulated Masonry Article
110 Sound Transmission Through Korfil Insulated CMU's
111 ICC ESR-1798 EPS Report
112 IBC 2009 Edition - Chapter 26, Use of Core Insulation
113 Conditions of Sale
114 Korfil EPS Certification Letter
#200 Korfil, ICON & Unitherm
201 Korfil U-Shape Spec Data Sheet
202 ICON Spec Data Sheet
203 Unitherm Spec Data Sheet
204 Compressive Strength in 20' High Korfil Insulated Walls
205 ICBO Korfil I & II Hollow Core Report
206 Korfil Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) Fire Test
207 Report Of Material & Equipment Acceptance Div.
208 ICBO 82-2 Technical Report
209 Korfil Structural Engineering Report - NCMA
210 Korfil Wind Driven Rain Test
211 Correctional & Detention Facility Project Focus
212 Tips For Mason Contractors-Field Installed Inserts
213 ICON Grouted & Reinforced Masonry Cross Sectional Areas
214 Korfil U-Shaped Grouted & Reinforced Masonry Cross Sectional Areas
215 Korfil Specifier Performance Specification Sheet
216 ICON Specifier Performance Specification Sheet
217 Thermal Efficiency of CMU with Korfil or ICON Inserts
218 ICON Insert Dimension Sheet
219 Korfil U-Shaped Insert Dimension Sheet
220 Korfil Equivalent Thicknesses of CMU's
221 Thermal Comparison: Korfil vs. Omni-Core
222 R-values Korfil-ICON CMU's - Insulated - Ungrouted - Grouted
223 Grouted Areas with Korfil Inserts
224 Grouted Areas with ICON Inserts
#300 HI-R Masonry Wall System
301 HI-R Spec. Data Sheet
302 Canadian Masonry Article Covering HI-R
303 HI-R Completed Projects
304 HI-R Tips for Masonry Contractors
305 HI-R Correctional Facility Project List
306 ICBO HI-R Evaluation Report
307 State of Massachusetts HI-R Letter
308 Potossi, Missouri Correctional Facility Insulated with HI-R
309 HI-R Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) Fire Test
310 NCMA Structural Engineering Report
311 HI-R Tips for Block Manufacturers
312 HI-R Drawing Details
313 Flexural Design Consideration of 8" HI-R Masonry Walls
314 HI-R Grouted & Reinforced Masonry Cross Sectional Areas
315 HI-R Specifier Performance Specification Sheet
316 Development of HI-R Block R-Value (Bion Howard Report)
317 R-Value Certification Letter for HI-R
318 HI-R Insert Dimension Sheet
319 HI-R Grouted Areas with Inserts
320 HI-R Equivalent Thicknesses of CMU's
321 Thermal & Structural Comparison: HI-R vs. NRG
322 R-values Hi-R CMU's Chart Insulated-Grouted- 100-140 Perlite
323 HI-R and HI-R-H Fire Ratings
#400 Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI)
401 Evaluation Of Foamed Cellular Plastics
402 UFFI Technical Data Sheet
403 Holometrix UFFI Report CBL-2b
404 Comparison Between Insulation Inserts and Foamed-In-Place Cellular Plastics
405 Massachusetts Ruling Against UFFI
406 California Ruling Against UFFI
407 Connecticut Ruling Against UFFI
408 New Hampshire Ruling Against UFFI
409 New Jersey Ruling Against UFFI
410 New York Ruling Against UFFI
411 Ohio Ruling Against UFFI
412 Michigan Insulation Alert on the Use of UFFI - "The Story Pole"
#500 International Energy Codes, Leeds & Green Building Certification
501 Energy Code Caution
502 IECC And Its Serious Impact on Single Wythe Construction
503 Thermal Performance Korfil vs Scrap EPS
504 Thermal Performance Korfil vs Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI)
505 Report Describing What a "U's" Thermal Resistance Is
506 Total Thermal Resistance Of 2 Core Multi-Insulated CMU's Using Isothermal Plane Method
507 Preinsulated Masonry and The Leed Program
508 The International Energy Code And Masonry Construction
509 Analysis of the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for Masonry
510 LEED Product Submittal Data Form
511 Air and Vapor Barriers
512 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
#600 Mold, Fungi, Bacterial Information
601 EPSMA Mold-Fungi Test Report
#900 Archive Files
901 Radco Engineering Report on Thermal Properties of Korfil (ASTM C518)
902 Dept. Of Army Corps Of Engineers-Korfil Approval
903 NY MEA-5-82-M Korfil Acceptance Report
904 Picture of 30 plus year old building with Korfil Inserts
905 Picture of 21 year old building with Korfil Inserts

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